Services Offered

Erection Procedures

Girder bridges
Arch bridges
Truss bridges
Cable supported structures
Long span roof structures
Unique structures

Gantries/Overhead Cranes

Runway design
Gantry structural design
Mechanical systems specification/coordination


Pile supported temporary structure
Temporary structure foundations
Temporary structure abutments

Heavy Rigging

Crane and derrick Installations
Strand jacking systems
Rail & Roller systems
Sliding systems
Cable reeved systems

Mechanical Design

Custom mechanical equipment for repetitive
 construction operations
Hydraulic systems design

Structural Analysis

Staged construction analysis
Camber and fabrication geometry development
Geometry control during construction
Stability during construction
Component local stresses FEM analysis
Cable supported structures
Analysis of structures for crane or equipment
Existing structures condition evaluation

Structural Lifting Operation

Jacking and temporary supports for bridge
 bearing replacements
Structure lifting and load transfer
Temporary supports for construction

Temporary Structures

Temporary bridges
Construction access trestles
Movable rail mounted work platforms
Fixed work platforms
Concrete coffer boxes for in-water pile caps