Since 1992, Zieman Engineering has specialized, exclusively, in providing structural engineering services to contractors engaged in complex construction projects. Our focus has been on providing engineering solutions to these projects that are practical, constructible and economical.

Our design philosophy is based on integrating the following four aspects into our work:

    • Previous Construction Experience
    • We specialize in engineering for construction methods and procedures – we have worked for a large number of clients on a wide variety of projects. This exposure enables us to build on previous experience, as well as see new and creative solutions to solving problems.

    • Broad Technical Expertise
    • While the simplest solution may often be the best, we also have unique expertise that can help develop “out-of-the-box” solutions to problems, such as our ability to design custom mechanical equipment for repetitive construction operations. For projects that require advanced structural analysis for the construction process, our capability is comparable to many larger permanent structure design firms.

    • Constructability Knowledge
    • We focus on understanding the entire construction process – from detailing to fabrication to construction. We are familiar with the tools, equipment and labor involved in the process, and consider these factors in our design to make our designs as constructible as possible.

    • High Level of Detail
    • We believe that a high level of detail in design leads to smooth execution – from detailing to fabrication to construction. We pay close attention to fit of components, construction sequence, clearances, tolerances and similar issues, and convey this information through detailed, clear drawings. Our goal is a minimum of comments from reviewing agencies, a minimum of RFI’s from the detailer and a minimum of problems during fabrication and field installation.